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Reebok Irun Treadmill - For the Beginners

If you are just about to pick up running as your new hobby or to tone up your body, why not consider getting a treadmill? You do not have to worry about the weather or the incoming cars anymore because you can now jog in your home itself. All you need to do is to get a pair of good running shoes and the new Reebok Irun treadmill. You can jog in the living room while watching television or even listening to your iPod.

The Reebok Irun treadmill comes in five vibrant colors - orange, pink, white, black, and blue. The variety of colors is to cater for people from different generations. The treadmill weighs about 60kilograms and no assembly is required. When it is out of the box, simply flip it open and it is ready to go. One of the best advantages of this treadmill is the compactness. Just fold it up when you are not using it if you have limited space. Beware of not to lose the safety key because in order to operate it, you will need the safety key.

The LCD displays information like the calories burnt, speed, time and distance. It is designed for the people who does not fancy complicated treadmill functions. The basic programs featured in this treadmill are inclining, heart rate monitoring and vital displays. The hand pulse sensor measures your heart rate while you are running. Vital displays like speed, duration of running and the distance are essential for runners to track their progress.

The Reebok Irun treadmill is powered by a 1.75HP motor with 2 years warranty and you can run up to 14kilometers per hour. It is made to hold up to 100kilograms of the runner's bodyweight. Lifetime warranty is given for the frame of the treadmill.

Working out is now so convenient that you can do it anytime. You can now build up stamina, tone up your muscles as well as burning your excess calories at your own pace and ease.