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Self Worth Building - Hearing What Your Life Has To Say

After speaking to several individuals I have realized that we are not so different after all. We all want attention and love. We may, however, go about getting those things in different ways.

My way of getting attention was always sexual. I made it my business to be a person that others would enjoy looking at and want to "be" with. Did I just want the sexual favors? No! What I wanted was that so-called love and affection, time and attention. I wanted to be noticed and validated. Why? Because it is in us to want those things and when we feel a void in any area of our lives we are determined to fill it.

What changed with me? Well, honestly, I still want the love and attention, but I have learned how to give it to myself first and allow everything else to flow to me based on how I do that. Meaning, if my love for self is healthy then no one else can come along and offer me unhealthy or shabby love!

My life was screaming for some relief from the pressure of trying to find "love". Everything about my life, at this time, felt false. I was angry with anyone who did not give me the time I wanted. I would cry after every encounter with a man. I was miserable. So, I had to listen to my life!

You must listen to your life as well. What is screaming for you to let go of it? What, in your life, is showing you that you need to make some changes; that you need to grow? What is it that you need to realize in order to find that unique path of yours? Meditate on that and then journey to let it go of those things; dare to grow and find your path.