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Skateboarding Through a Desert

Skateboarders like to push themselves to perform new tricks and impressive moves. Some like to take part in charity events where they are able to show off their skills for good causes. Recently three men decided they would leave the tricks behind but still carry out an amazing venture on their boards through the driest desert in the world.

South America is home to the worlds driest desert, called the Atacama Desert, which runs down the west coast through Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. The three New Zealanders were all only in their early twenties. They decided to embark on a journey through this terrain, covering Chile and Peru, all in the name of raising awareness and money for a charity that has a message they believe in. It took 5 weeks for them to cover the 1600 kilometre route they had set themselves.

You cannot possibly imagine what it must feel like to be in a desert if you have never visited one. With land rolling on for miles with little to no rain fall and just baron land ahead. The Atacama Desert is over 50 times drier than Death Valley which is situated in California. The Atacama has been compared to the planet Mars. This is because some of the soil samples that have been tested came back with similar results. NASA actually uses this land to test out their equipment before they send it to Mars so they can get a rough idea of how it will work.

The Lake District, in the UK, is the wettest part of the country and receives on average 130 inches of precipitation a year. Compare this to the Atacama where they get just one millimetre a year! Some years there have been no records of rain at all. As the desert is situated between the Andes mountain range and the Chilean Coast range they do not get any moisture coming over from the sea or from beyond the Andes.

Reading up on these facts would be a scary reality to come to terms with before these men went off on their skateboarding mission. They were intent on raising awareness for people to try and look after the environment and to take care when travelling, especially out of their homeland of New Zealand. They want to raise the message that you can travel light in and out of countries to reduce carbon emissions. They will have certainly been breathing some of the freshest yet driest air in the world whilst boarding down hills with parachutes attached and with a stunt like this, their message will certainly be spread far and wide.